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House Parent

  • Job Location

    Oxford, Bournemouth

  • Start date

    2nd July onwards

  • Duration

    July & August

  • Job Benefits

    Pay: £575 per week plus full board & accommodation & 1 day off per week


The importance of SBC House Parents cannot be underestimated, as they are primarily responsible for the day-to-day pastoral care of our students. The welfare of students is the main priority during the summer and therefore House Parents will need to be highly attentive, patient and well organised in their approach to welfare and pastoral issues.


The success or otherwise of a summer school depends largely on students feeling confident and happy. This often stems from a positive, structured and inclusive atmosphere of our boarding houses. Therefore a significant part of the House Parent role is working towards generating a positive environment in the boarding house. The atmosphere of the houses must reflect the overall SBC ethos of inclusiveness, compassion, respect and empowerment.


With students from a diverse range of countries and cultures, it is paramount that the House Parent displays a big enough presence to bring everyone together and create a fun, welcoming and vibrant atmosphere in the house while also being responsive to the individual needs of students. Although not a management role, House Parents will be expected to take ownership of all matters within their boarding house and create a fun yet disciplined atmosphere. House parents will also be required to induct other members of staff to support them in their duties and contribute to the successful running of the boarding house.



Hours of Work:

Due to the nature of the role, the House Parents’ week is not divided into sessions like other summer school staff. House Parents are required to work intermittently through the day, beginning with wake-up duties, and finishing with lights-out. However, the individual periods of work throughout the day are shorter than English lessons or activity sessions, which means over a week, House Parents will be on duty approximately the same length as other non-management staff. House Parents will receive one full day off per week.


Main Duties: 

  • Take overall responsibility for the welfare of all students
  • Attend pre-course House Parent training
  • Complete a First Aid course (arranged by SBC) and act as a school First Aider
  • Welcome students and parents arriving at the school being prepared to reassure and answer queries about pastoral and other elements of summer school life.
  • Assist the Summer School Director with room allocations, helping students to their rooms and making them feel welcome
  • Ensure rooms are prepared for student arrivals and are tidy on departure
  • Attend daily House Parent meetings, monitoring and reporting any issues within the house.
  • Ensure that welfare coordinator, Student director and summer school director are aware of any behaviour or welfare issues.   
  • Induct staff members to the workings of the boarding house, how to deliver pastoral care and support you effectively in your House parent duties.
  • Be on duty during designated meal and break times ensuring appropriate standards of student behaviour and supervising student welfare at all times
  • Be responsible for attending

To apply for this role please click 'apply now' and follow the link provided. This will take you to an SBC Application Form.

Please note only successful applicants will be contacted for interview. These will be scheduled from 8th January 2018


All members of staff employed by SBC to work at the summer school will be expected to bring certain key qualities to the operation.  Generally, there must be a real interest in working with children and in particular a strong empathy for working with international children.  In general terms we look for staff to be:


       Approachable and empathic to the needs of students





Although House Parents are not required to teach the English language lessons, we do expect them to be able to communicate effectively with our students, using an appropriate level of language to suit the group. House parents must demonstrate patience, empathy and an emotional awareness towards students both individually and in within a group setting. We expect House parents to take control of students and to manage discipline and behavioural issues in a firm, positive and constructive manner.


The safety and welfare of our students is of paramount importance at all times and this should therefore be the priority of House Parents, with particular thought and attention paid to managing the children both in houses and off-site, often in busy public places.


House Parents must be friendly, respectful and must demonstrate a genuine ability and interest in

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