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Summer English Language Teacher

  • Job Location

    Haining, Huzhou & Xuzhou, China

  • Start date


  • Duration

    2-7 week placements

  • Job Benefits

    Weekly allowance of 1200 RMB, Accommodation, Food


Looking for an unforgettable summer experience? Spend a summer teaching in China and get a taste of working in a country like no other!

Join our award-winning Summer Teaching Camp in China and gain international work experience whilst making friends from all over the world. Choose between 3 exciting destinations to plan and lead your own English lessons for a period of 2 or 7 weeks!

Upon enrolment onto our Summer Teaching Programme, you’ll receive access to our Member’s Area, which contains a Lesson Plan Library designed to help inspire you with ideas for your lessons.

Our Summer Teaching placements include shared accommodation in modern hotels or apartments. Rooms are equipped with all the essentials, including air conditioning and western toilets to make your stay comfortable.

Three meals per day are provided throughout the duration of the of your stay in all three camps. This is usually a mixture of Chinese and western dishes and is provided either at your host school or the hotel you’re staying in.

Visa Support
We provide you with the necessary documents and guidance to help you get the right visa for your placement. We provide a timeline and detailed instructions to make the process as simple as possible well before your departure.

Placement Fee

The price of our teaching placements includes food, accommodation, transport, support and more. It varies depending on the duration of your desired programme, and covers all of the above mentioned services. Payment is made in two instalments; the first upon enrolment, and the second at least 2 months prior to departure. Placement fees range from £349-£549 depending on length of placement.


No experience or knowledge of Mandarin is necessary, but don’t worry; the Teach English In China team is here to help. We provide training, resources and support to ensure you embark on your summer teaching adventure feeling confident and prepared.

About us

At Teach English In China we share a passion for discovering China’s rich culture and a desire to help others experience it for themselves. Since 2005, we have been doing just that, organising award-winning teaching placements with Chinese schools

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